Friday, July 6, 2012

[Monster] Mire Turtle


HD: 5 (d8)
MOVE: 60 ft (ground), 30' Swim
AC: 13
ATTACKS: 1 bite (1d8), 2 arm barbs (1d6), 1 tail whip (1d6)
ALIGN: Neutral
XP:120 +5/hp

Mire Turtles are a predatory reptile that dwells in swamps and marshes.  It is the size of a large grizzly bear in bulk.  It has a turtle-like armored shell that is a deep mottled green color.  The skin of the Mire Turtle is a yellow color.  It's eyes are atop long stalks that it can rotate around to give it 360 degree field of vision.  The front legs have two sharp bony barbs that it can use to slash prey.  It has a large turtle-like mouth that if uses to bite prey.  It's powerful whip-like tail can also be used as a weapon.
The Mire Turtle usually lies beneath the murky waters of a swamp, among reeds or surface algae to help conceal itself.  It's eyes are extended just above the surface looking for prey.  The main motivation of this creature is not solely for food however, for it also attacks prey in order to subdue it in order to implant an egg as a means of procreating.  When a target is helpless and/or  unconscious, the Mire Turtle will disgorge an gelatin-like egg from it's mouth through a tube-like appendage that penetrates deep into any orifice that will suffice as an incubation chamber.

The egg will hatch in 2-4 weeks, instantly killing the victim.  A Remove Disease spell will successfully neutralize the egg if cast within 1 week of implantation, otherwise it will have no effect.

Encounters with Mire Turtles will usually be in or very near their lair.  It will be littered with the corpses of their prey that they have killed for food and as such their possessions will be still on them or nearby.  The victims of their attacks that they use for "mating" are left alone and alive so that they may become the living hosts for their young.

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