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[Xhuul Bestiary]: Camotzi (Xhuulian Goblin)

CAMOTZI (Xhuulian 'Goblin')

HD:1 (1d8-1 hp)
ATTACKS:1 (bite 1d4, or by weapon)
INT:Average (low)
ALIGN:Lawful evil

Camotzi dwell in underground lairs.  They appear to be covered in a light brown fur and their heads are bat-like in appearance.  Their small mouths have small sharp teeth with which they can bite for 1d4 damage, however they tend to wear armor and carry weapons.

The camotzi hate full daylight and attack at -1 when in sunlight.  They have large bat-like ears and navigate their underground lairs by use of sonar, by emitting high frequency sound.  The camotzi can see, but it is poorly developed and they prefer using their sonar.  Thus they are able to attack in total darkness.  If a silence spell is used on them, they will be 'blinded' and suffer all the effects of that condition.  They take double-damage from sonic-based attacks.

For every 40 camotzi encountered there will be a leader and four assistants, each having 7HP.  If 200 or more are encountered, there will be the following additional figures: a sub-chief and 2-8 guards, each fighting as 2HD and having 8HP, AC:15.  There is a 25% chance that any force encountered will have 10% of their numbers mounted on giant bats, and if this is the case, there will also be from 10-40 of these creatures without riders.  In their lair there will be the following: a camotzi chief and 2-8 bodyguards (9-14HP, AC:16 that fight as gnolls).  Females and young make up 60% and 100% of the number of male camotzi encountered.  Females do not fight.  

  Camotziare typically armed with:

shortsword and dagger   10%
shortsword and javelin  10%
shortsword and spear    10%
javelins                10%
morning star            20%
pick-axe                10%
spear                   30%

 Camotzi are fair miners and they are able to detect new or unusual construction 25% of the time.

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