Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Getting the Band back Together.....Maybe.

So, out of the blue last week I get an email from one of the players in the old 4E game I was DMing.  The email had the names of the other players attached so they would be receiving a copy as well.  The email was expressing interest to get a game going again.  I think it's been over a year since we last played as a group.  Many of the players had scheduling issues with family and work commitments which contributed to not being able to sustain a continuing campaign.  Alas, things fell apart.

Since then, I was able to join a group of different players and play in a monthly Pathfinder game with 5 other players that has been fairly steady.  I hadn't heard anything from the old crew of players since that time until now.

Well, I am not sure a game is going to happen with this group.  We are all pulling in different directions as to what game and/or system we want to play/DM.  I expressed my desire to run an old-school version of D&D using Castles & Crusades.  I also expressed that I would not DM any new-school system such as 3E, 4E or Pathfinder as there is just too many damn rules and game prep is a bitch.  One of the players is willing to play anything and one of the others is learning more to AD&D.  But my friend Matt is a notorious power-gamer and of course he is leaning to 4E or Pathfinder.  Figures.

I'm not sure all this will lead to a game.  I am happy with playing my monthly Pathfinder game and my host of computer games to fill the gap.

I really want to run an old-school campaign using the Barrowmaze as a tent-pole megadungeon.  I just got word from RPGNow that my hard-copy of Barrowmaze II just shipped, so I am eagerly waiting for it to arrive.  I did get the PDF of the book as part of my contribution to the Indigogo campaign, but I do like having a physical book.  But it doesn't seem I'll find a group to run it for.

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