Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just A Friendly Reminder...

Lots of folks out there in the blogoverse make some cool stuff, like rules and random charts for their favorite RPGs.  They even assemble all this cool stuff into files which they upload to a site in order to share it so that others can download it.

That's all cool.

But as a friendly reminder, please upload those files to a site that doesn't require me to sign up for a membership before I can download it, or jump through a bunch of hoops to get it.  Thanks.

That is all.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Greyhawk Maps Goodness

If you like nicely detailed World of Greyhawk Maps with topography, heraldry and even famous locations such as Hommlet, Nulb, and the Ghost Tower of Iverness( to name a few), then check out Anna B. Meyer's website,

She has put in years of work into these maps and they look awesome.  It appears that these maps take into account the changes in the aftermath of the Greyhawk Wars.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ernie Gygax's Fire Relief Fund

A story I discovered on Facebook.  Ernie Gygax's home destroyed by a fire and a Fire Relief Fund is currently being set up on Facebook.  Check it out here:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Fastest Bitch-Slap in the West

My brother told me about this scene in a movie I was unfamiliar with.  It is a spaghetti western called "Trinity is Still My Name".  This scene is hilarious, and is obviously sped up.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Lords of Waterdeep

I played this board-game on Saturday.  I'm not big into board-games, but this one was fun to play.  It is quick to learn after the first game.  This is a board game made by Wizards of the Coast.

The players take on the roles of one of the secret Masked Lords of Waterdeep (determined randomly by random draw of a card) and you keep that secret.  The game set-up is different depending on how many players there are.  Each player has a number of agents they send to various locations in the city to acquire resources such as money, buildings, get quests or influence and adventurers.  Acquiring buildings and completing quests allows the awarding of victory points.  Certain quests require a number of adventurers of a certain type (fighters, rogues, clerics or wizards) and other resources (like gold) to complete.  Most quests not only award victory points but other resources for completing them.  Quests are broken down by type (Warfare, Skullduggery, Piety, Commerce or Arcane).  Each Lord gains extra victory points at the end of the game for each completed quest of a certain type.

The game lasts until 8 turns.  At turn 5, each player receives an extra agent.  At the end of the game, each player gets a victory point for each adventurer they have, one victory point per 2 gold they have.  Whoever has the most victory points, wins the game.  There is not much in the way of outright conflict between players, much of it is trying to acquire as much resources as one can.  Once a player's agent is in a particular location on the map to acquire a resource, no other player can place their agent at the same location unless they have an ability from a completed quest that allows them to do so.

All and all a fun game that I wouldn't mind playing again.

Friday, February 8, 2013

What's in the Box?

I received a package today.  So what's inside?  Let's find out!

Something from Paizo!

NPC Codex!  Can't wait to read it.

More Pathfinder Minis!

Let's open those Boxes and see what's inside!

Box #1

A Medium Water Elemental, a Skeletal Champion, a Tower Girl (a human rogue-like character), and a Large Wrath Demon.  I thought the demon was a Vrock when I first looked at it.

Box #2

A Medium Caulborn, a Large Alchemical Golem, a Small Caedimus (must be a Derro NPC in the Shattered Star Adventure Path), and a Medium Clockwork Soldier.

Box #3

A Small Mite, a Medium Cayatid Column, a Small Portioque (another Derro NPC in the Adventure Path) and a Large Troll Champion.  The Troll mini is awesome.  You can't see it in the angle of the picture, but he is clutching a bladed weapon in his right hand, with the blade facing behind him.

Box #4

A Mite mounted on a Medium Spider, Shiela Heidmarch, another Portioque (boooo!) and a Large Iron Golem.  Shiela Heidmarch is an NPC I'm familiar with.  She heads a Pathfinder Lodge in the City of Magnimar.  Could be used for a female wizard or aristocrat.

Box #5

A Medium Fire Elemental, a Hound of Tindalos (yes, from H.P. Lovecraft), a Medium Shadow Hound and a Large Fire Giant!.  The Fire Giant's sword was bent in the box.  The plastic is very soft and not as rigid as I think it should be.  The details on the Giant are awesome.

Box #6

Another Medium Fire Elemental, a Shriezyx (a Medium spider-like Aberration that regenerates, has a poisonous bite, it's webs are coated with a toxin that slows anyone touching it), a Xulgath (looks like a albino troglodyte with spots), and a Large Hill Giant (I'm going to call him Beavis).

Box #7

A Ravenous Ooze (can be used as a generic mini for any ooze monster, most likely for a Gray Ooze), another Small Mite, another Xulgath and a Large Gug! (yes, also from H.P. Lovecraft).

Last Box!

Koriah Azmeren (NPC, great-looking elf adventurer mini.  Nice details), a Hell Hound, a Catfolk Rogue (also some nice details), and a Large Guiltspur Naga!.  Below are some close-ups of Koriah and Catfolk Rogue minis.

These are some great minis.  There are some great combos you could make for Encounters such as the Fire Giant, Hell Hound and 2 Fire Elementals.  Also the 2 Mites and the Mounted Mite on the Spider would make a good low-level encounter.  I'll have to find out what some of these other monsters are by checking out the Pathfinder SRD website for their stats.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Re-imagining Gamma World

Yesterday, I posted a Pulp-o-mizer cover for Gamma World.  It got me thinking about the 1st Edition Gamma World box cover art, and how it is reminds me of a Pulp magazine cover in presentation.  Looking at it further, that evocative cover doesn't really present the contents or the setting of the rulebook inside the box.

The cover shows a group of humans wearing matching uniforms.  Most are armed with seemingly high-tech weapons and gear.  It gives the impression of a group of explorers that presumably could have landed in a spaceship and are surveying to ruins of a city.  None are wearing armor.  None are equipped with primitive weapons.  None are mutant humans or animals.

The implied setting is a future Earth destroyed hundreds of years before by some terrorist group calling itself  "The Apocalypse".  It was an Earth that had energy weapons, robots, and other wondrous technological marvels.  It always seemed to me that the designers of the game never really settled on a definite vision of the kinds of artifacts and time period in which Gamma World occurred.  Whereas the 1st Edition Gamma World boxed set presented a far future Earth with sci-fi inspired artifacts, many later supplementary products would show art-work of humans and mutants using 20th-Century 'Stop'-signs as shields, or Parking-meters as clubs or using gun-powder weapons.

Really?  You would think that in a world that had Mark V Blasters and Flit Cars, the last thing you would see is a Stop Sign or a Parking Meter.  Such things would have been relegated to obsolescence long ago.  It's just that sort of thing that makes it hard to suspend your disbelief.  The designers kept introducing 20th Century imagery into a world that was supposed to be in the 24th Century.

Oh, I suppose those humans on the box cover could all be Pure Strain Humans who are so well organized enough that they want to dress in matching uniforms and helmets.  And they all just got so lucky to have fully-functioning technological weapons and artifacts.  Maybe they are part of the Reconstructionists or Knights of Genetic Purity.  Maybe.

I think it would be a better premise to run Gamma World as a pulp science-fiction game.  The characters would not be native to the planet, maybe the survivors of a crashed space-ship.  Survivors that must now explore and learn to survive on a hostile world with radiation, mutants and crazy killer robots.  And just because our intrepid pulp-flavored PC's come from a technological society, doesn't mean they will be able to easily figure out the wondrous tech artifacts of Gamma World.  Think of how advanced the alien Krell technology was in the movie Forbidden Planet.  Even Dr. Morbius wasn't able to figure out (or even control) most of the Krell machines and he spent most of his lifetime studying them.

I think that would be much more fun than playing primitive screw-heads wearing chain-mail armor, carrying Stop-sign shields, wearing their 'No Nukes' T-shirts and armed with their laser pistol.  Or, I could be wrong.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gamma World Pulps

There is a really cool website the allows you to create custom pulp magazine covers.  Thanks to Greg Gilespie from Discourse and Dragons blog for the heads-up.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Painting Minis

I painted some minis over the weekend.  These have been wallowing in the "to-do" list for a while to get finished painted.  These are by no means finished yet, but works in progress.  And I don't profess to be an great mini painter either.  There is a reason why have a prediliction to purchasing pre-painted plastic minis after all.

But, I'm willing to try my (unsteady) hand at it and I thoroughly respect those people who can paint their minis to look like works of art.