Monday, February 4, 2013

Painting Minis

I painted some minis over the weekend.  These have been wallowing in the "to-do" list for a while to get finished painted.  These are by no means finished yet, but works in progress.  And I don't profess to be an great mini painter either.  There is a reason why have a prediliction to purchasing pre-painted plastic minis after all.

But, I'm willing to try my (unsteady) hand at it and I thoroughly respect those people who can paint their minis to look like works of art.


  1. Good job! I like how they look. They remind me of some old school lead mini's I use in a campaign. I have "paint mini's" constantly on my to-do list, but I really don't enjoy doing it.

    Please show more if/when you have them.

  2. I like them, good job. Don't worry about making them works of art. If you do, your players will inevitably pick them up, say, wow, this looks goo---oops!

    Tabletop and preferably hard-coated to avoid chipping, that's the way I go. :)