Friday, February 8, 2013

What's in the Box?

I received a package today.  So what's inside?  Let's find out!

Something from Paizo!

NPC Codex!  Can't wait to read it.

More Pathfinder Minis!

Let's open those Boxes and see what's inside!

Box #1

A Medium Water Elemental, a Skeletal Champion, a Tower Girl (a human rogue-like character), and a Large Wrath Demon.  I thought the demon was a Vrock when I first looked at it.

Box #2

A Medium Caulborn, a Large Alchemical Golem, a Small Caedimus (must be a Derro NPC in the Shattered Star Adventure Path), and a Medium Clockwork Soldier.

Box #3

A Small Mite, a Medium Cayatid Column, a Small Portioque (another Derro NPC in the Adventure Path) and a Large Troll Champion.  The Troll mini is awesome.  You can't see it in the angle of the picture, but he is clutching a bladed weapon in his right hand, with the blade facing behind him.

Box #4

A Mite mounted on a Medium Spider, Shiela Heidmarch, another Portioque (boooo!) and a Large Iron Golem.  Shiela Heidmarch is an NPC I'm familiar with.  She heads a Pathfinder Lodge in the City of Magnimar.  Could be used for a female wizard or aristocrat.

Box #5

A Medium Fire Elemental, a Hound of Tindalos (yes, from H.P. Lovecraft), a Medium Shadow Hound and a Large Fire Giant!.  The Fire Giant's sword was bent in the box.  The plastic is very soft and not as rigid as I think it should be.  The details on the Giant are awesome.

Box #6

Another Medium Fire Elemental, a Shriezyx (a Medium spider-like Aberration that regenerates, has a poisonous bite, it's webs are coated with a toxin that slows anyone touching it), a Xulgath (looks like a albino troglodyte with spots), and a Large Hill Giant (I'm going to call him Beavis).

Box #7

A Ravenous Ooze (can be used as a generic mini for any ooze monster, most likely for a Gray Ooze), another Small Mite, another Xulgath and a Large Gug! (yes, also from H.P. Lovecraft).

Last Box!

Koriah Azmeren (NPC, great-looking elf adventurer mini.  Nice details), a Hell Hound, a Catfolk Rogue (also some nice details), and a Large Guiltspur Naga!.  Below are some close-ups of Koriah and Catfolk Rogue minis.

These are some great minis.  There are some great combos you could make for Encounters such as the Fire Giant, Hell Hound and 2 Fire Elementals.  Also the 2 Mites and the Mounted Mite on the Spider would make a good low-level encounter.  I'll have to find out what some of these other monsters are by checking out the Pathfinder SRD website for their stats.

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