Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lego Cthulhu

I used to play with Legos when I was a kid.  Looks like these sets have really evolved over the years with all kinds of interesting bricks and pieces.  And now it is to the point you can build your own H.P. Lovecraft dioramas even with tentacles!

Check out this awesome link for Cthulhu Lego awesomeness!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Blogger needs a good ass-whoopin'

How come when I log onto Blogger these days, it displays a message where the summary of blog posts that I follow that reads "You are currently not following any blogs, please use add button to add blogs to your reading list."  WTF?  I can never remember how I fixed this issue, but then it keeps on happening when I log in several days later.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Red Hand of Doom Pathfinder Game

Tomorrow I get to play (as opposed to DM-ing) in a Pathfinder campaign that is based on the Red Hand of Doom.  I'm playing a 7th Level Elf Ranger.  Our group has 6 players and we meet once a month to play the game at the local Hobby Day in Anaheim.  The gaming hall can get quite noisy with lots of other games going on such as wargames, boardgames and card games.  This is the only down-side to playing there, as it makes it difficult to hear what our DM is saying.  We have had a handful of games at one of the player's house and those have been a nice respite for our ears.

We are at the point in the campaign where we have helped a tribe of elves living in the swamp and ingratiated ourselves so well with the tribe that they have given us the use of their Giant Owls to get around the Elsir Vale quickly.  We had defeated a bunch of hobgoblins and ogres at their base located in Lake Rhest and recovered a Phylactery that belongs to an undead druid, known as the Ghostlord.  The Red Hand had apparently got possession of the the phylactery by Wyrm Lord Saavith and was placed in the hoard of his black dragon mount for safe-keeping.  We found a journal that detailed the Red Hand not wanting to reunite the phylactery with the Ghostland as that would be bad for them.

After some discussion, we came to the conclusion that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", and set on a course to find the Ghostlord in the southern Elsir Vale and see what kind of deal we could broker by giving him the phylactery in exchange for help against the Red Hand.  But before that could happen, we have been side-tracked by helping refugees fleeing from the Red Hand army and finding out that there was a Aranea spy amongst them.  We knew something was amiss when some of our party members weren't acting like themselves, and my character suspected (correctly) that one human refugee was the culprit, whom I attacked  with several rapidly fired arrows which did enough damage to force the "human" to partially drop their shape-shifted form, revealing her spider-like appearance of the Aranea.

Soon after, we had heard of a ruined dwarven fort that we wanted to investigate, as the clan is belongs to is related to a ghost of a dwarf that we had encountered in a much earlier adventure.  The ghost asked us to  deliver a journal to the clan.  The ruined fort was occupied by Ogres and we had a battle with them.  That is about as much as I remember, so we will continue from this point tomorrow.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Head of Vecna

I was playing the new Neverwinter MMORPG the other day when I noticed that one of the NPC merchants in the marketplace was barking out that he had the Head of Vecna for sale.  This wasn't an actual merchant what you could buy anything from, however.  I got a good chuckle from it as it reminded me of the most awesome story I had ever heard about a DM's campaign and his two groups of rival players, involving a fake artifact called the Head of Vecna.  And it goes to show the sense of humor from the Devs of this game.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Of Sandaled Feet and Spellplagued Towers

My new blog header image is taken from the Age of Conan: Unchained MMO.  It is one of the load screen images in the game, and I feel it really exemplifies the Ale & Whores trope of OSR gaming.  I've been playing AoC for a few weeks now and I like it enough because it is free to play.  The game probably has more magic in it than the Sword and Sorcery genre typically has.  As a free player, I can only play two characters.  I made a Dark Templar from Aquilonia which is a fighter type that uses dark magic to harm opponents by draining life energy.  The other character is a Barbarian from Cimmeria.

Another computer game I have been playing is Neverwinter which is in Open Beta and will be free to play when it launches.  It is set in the 4th Edition version of the Forgotten Realms, centered on the city of Neverwinter.  Many of the game's naming conventions come from the 4th Edition D&D, but it doesn't play like a d20 game (like the old Neverwinter Nights games were).  Strangely, spells and powers are labelled as At-Will, Encounter and Daily, but this is just a distinction in at At-Will powers you spam with either your right & left mouse buttons.  Encounter powers are fired off with keyboard keys and have a longer recharge time (around 10 - 15 seconds usually).  The Daily powers are also fired off with a keyboard key(s), but you cannot use them again until you build up enough energy from attacking foes (which is represented as a Twenty-Sided Die that fills up with color).

There are a couple of interesting story arcs in Neverwinter that would make great table-top game adventures.  One is called the Plague Tower, which involves an evil wizard harnessing the Spellplague energy to open a rift to the Fear Realm in order to transmogrify into a large Foulspawn of god-like power.

There hasn't been any non-computer gaming last month.  My Pathfinder game is still going on, but April was a month of many of the players being busy with real-life matters.  So in times like this, I "run home to momma" and find entertainment in computer games to occupy me.

I tasked the players to give me more detail on their character backgrounds and some motivations in order to help me make some adventure hooks.  What they came up with initially when we started the Pathfinder Barrowmaze game was not really inspired and didn't give me much to work with.  The Barrowmaze dungeon-crawl hasn't been much for generating role-playing opportunities and surprisingly has left me, the DM a little bored.  I want to transition the game to one of Paizo's adventure paths, The Rise of the Runelords.  There is a small town featured in the "module" named Sandpoint that has lots of NPCs and opportunities for role-playing.  I purchased the new hard-cover edition of this adventure path and some other game aids, like the NPC Cards and a Flip Mat of the town square of Sandpoint to help me.