Friday, May 10, 2013

Red Hand of Doom Pathfinder Game

Tomorrow I get to play (as opposed to DM-ing) in a Pathfinder campaign that is based on the Red Hand of Doom.  I'm playing a 7th Level Elf Ranger.  Our group has 6 players and we meet once a month to play the game at the local Hobby Day in Anaheim.  The gaming hall can get quite noisy with lots of other games going on such as wargames, boardgames and card games.  This is the only down-side to playing there, as it makes it difficult to hear what our DM is saying.  We have had a handful of games at one of the player's house and those have been a nice respite for our ears.

We are at the point in the campaign where we have helped a tribe of elves living in the swamp and ingratiated ourselves so well with the tribe that they have given us the use of their Giant Owls to get around the Elsir Vale quickly.  We had defeated a bunch of hobgoblins and ogres at their base located in Lake Rhest and recovered a Phylactery that belongs to an undead druid, known as the Ghostlord.  The Red Hand had apparently got possession of the the phylactery by Wyrm Lord Saavith and was placed in the hoard of his black dragon mount for safe-keeping.  We found a journal that detailed the Red Hand not wanting to reunite the phylactery with the Ghostland as that would be bad for them.

After some discussion, we came to the conclusion that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", and set on a course to find the Ghostlord in the southern Elsir Vale and see what kind of deal we could broker by giving him the phylactery in exchange for help against the Red Hand.  But before that could happen, we have been side-tracked by helping refugees fleeing from the Red Hand army and finding out that there was a Aranea spy amongst them.  We knew something was amiss when some of our party members weren't acting like themselves, and my character suspected (correctly) that one human refugee was the culprit, whom I attacked  with several rapidly fired arrows which did enough damage to force the "human" to partially drop their shape-shifted form, revealing her spider-like appearance of the Aranea.

Soon after, we had heard of a ruined dwarven fort that we wanted to investigate, as the clan is belongs to is related to a ghost of a dwarf that we had encountered in a much earlier adventure.  The ghost asked us to  deliver a journal to the clan.  The ruined fort was occupied by Ogres and we had a battle with them.  That is about as much as I remember, so we will continue from this point tomorrow.

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