Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Okay, Lets Try This Again...

Pertaining to my last post where I basically </RAGEQUIT> GM-ing my Pathfinder game, the problem stemmed from a player who can be difficult to please apparently.  At the start of the campaign, I stated that I would only run the game if  I could do so in a more Old School style.  As soon as I laid down a list of house-rules, this player began his nit-picking away at them.  Instead of just going with the flow and seeing how it would play out first, he was already doing his Mr. Spock analysis to figure how this or that rule wouldn't be to his advantage.  I conceded from random ability rolls and adding back Attacks of Oppurtunity.  But that didn't seem to be enough.  One of the other conditions was that I would be using Slow XP Advancement.  After the game we played the other night he whined like a baby that they didn't level and it had already been 7 game sessions (they were about 50XP away from it and his assumption was incorrect).  To be fair I did start them off at 2nd Level.  That bit of generosity seemed to go unnoticed.  They reached 3rd Level if I recall correctly in the 3rd game session.  So it has been maybe 4 or 5 sessions where they haven't reached the next level. 

Anyway, this player also has the habit of trying to milk every bonus he can during any combat, instead of experiencing the scene more organically, it's all just cold, soul-less mechanics with this player.  There is nothing cinematic in anything he does.  It's like his character knows it is in a game and acts accordingly.  This is not the type of player I want at my table.

I contacted the other two players and have expressed that I am looking for some other players in the meantime to replace this troublesome player and when I do, I will get the game up and running again.  I did get a response back from one of them who said he was cool with it and understood where I was coming from.

Jeebus, I hate drama.

So here's to crossing my fingers and hope I can find two cool players so we can have a nice 4-player table.  Wish me luck.


  1. Great morality tale for my fresh-faced players. Thanks. And sorry.

  2. I had to bounce a player once for similar reasons. But the time and effort put into running a game dictates that suffering through trouble players just isn't worth it.