Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We Be Goblins Minis

On Free RPG Day, I picked up a couple of the new We Be Goblins minis for Pathfinder.  I was disappointed to discover that the minis were random and each pack only contained a single mini.  At about almost $3.00 a pack, that's pretty expensive.  I picked up 3 packs, so I got 2 Goblin Dogs and Mogmurch.  Bleh.

Given the size of the set, wouldn't it have been better to package the minis similar to the Champions of Evil pack?  Like this?
That way you get all the goblins you need to play the We Be Goblins and We Be Goblins Too modules.   I guess I'll have to wait for these to hit the singles market and just buy the ones I want.


  1. I agree. There's already too much stuff to spend money on for these hobbies, and we don't need to be throwing it away on randomized minis. I purchased 5 after our game, and got lucky enough to get the goblin I played. I'm sure I can find a use for the rest of the extra minis, but it'd have been nice to just get the set.

  2. I refuse to get into any random blind-buy stuff. Period. It's why I won't buy Monsterpocalypse despite being a huge Kaiju movie fan.

    Though I may break down and get the Voltron set, since I would know what I'd be getting. Plus, you know, Voltron.

    But random minis are not for me.

  3. I got lucky at a convention yesterday, payed ~$2.60 per, and the 5 I bought were all uniques that I didn't have. Completed the player set. But I've also made it a point to voice my opinion on twitter at Paizo. "The squeaky wheel," as they say.