Sunday, June 8, 2014

Another Oracle Plot

I'm having fun thinking up adventure seeds using the randomly-generated results from online Oracles.  This one I'm definitely going to use in the City State of Throxia when I run my Pathfinder game.  I may polish it up some more, but figured I'd share it to give readers some ideas to adapt it to their own games.

Sahdina, the 7th Favored Concubine of the Immortal Omnithrox has been having romantic liaisons with Kinziru Yash, Captain of the Citadel Guard. She has recently revealed to him that she is pregnant with his child since the Immortal Omnithrox has not lain with her for a long time (hence the affair.) Kinziru, fearful of the consequences, has decided to arrange an unfortunate “accident” for Sahdina. He has discretely arranged for Mukan Kala, a Sargent of the Citadel Guard, who is a ruthless bully and is ambitious to kill her.

Sahdina has gotten the sense that Kinziru was not entirely pleased with the news and she has decided to seek out an apothecary in the Great Bazaar to purchase a potion to terminate the pregnancy. While going to the Bazaar, she realizes that she is being stalked, panicking she runs. The person chasing her is Mukan and several thugs he has hired to help finish the job quickly.

PC Hook: Sahdina runs into (literally) the party, obviously shaken and looking behind her. She apologizes and continues to run. The party, if they wish can try to see what she is running from and will see the men working their way through the crowd towards them and Sahdina. If the PCs decide to intervene, a fight will break out between them and Mukan and his men. Mukan will try to escape if the battle goes badly, but if he takes enough damage, have his ring-finger be sliced off during the fight. In the aftermath of the battle, a signature ring of the Citadel Guard will be found, still on his severed finger. If the ring is closely examined, a small compartment will be revealed that contains a crystal lenses-like object. If held up to the light, it will project a map of catacombs apparently beneath the Citadel. This shows the location of the fabled Aslanyan Blade, a sword held in great esteem by the Band of Iron, a secret warrior order within the Citadel Guard. The order reveres the blade as a religious relic and their zealotry to protecting it is legendary. The Band of Iron is outlawed.

Complications: A hungry rat snatches the finger and runs into a nearby sewer access. The PC's will see the glint of metal from the ring with looks valuable... A chase may ensue into the sewers to get the ring.

If Mukan escapes, he will plot revenge against the PC's for maiming him and for his humiliating defeat.

Mukan may later be found dead (if his second attempt to kill them fails) when Kinziru discovers that he failed to kill Sahdina and has complicated matters by involving the PCs.

A Concubine of the Immortal Omnithrox doesn't go unnoticed for long within the Citadel, so after a few hours, patrols of Citadel Guards will begin searches and making inquiries. If the PCs have Sahdina, this can go against them if the Guard see them as a threat to her. Sahdina will not reveal who she truly is for as long as possible. She wants to keep her secret of her pregnancy from anyone in the Citadel, as that would mean severe punishment for her and the death of Kinziru. She will try to get the PCs to get her to an apothecary to complete her mission.

The potion that Sahdina purchases from the apothecary is more potent than it should be and not only does it kill the unborn child but induces an unstoppable bleeding and Sahdina does as well. Just in time for the Citadel Guard to come crashing through the door of the shop, following their leads.

Notes: These complications are suggestions to throw set-backs into the story to create drama and tension. I'm not advocating Sahdina's actions as any kind of social or political statement. This is a sword-and-sorcery inspired setting and these are gritty and grim tales.

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