Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pathfinder Xhuul: Game 2

Two weeks ago, on Saturday, our group got together to continue the Pathfinder campaign set in my home-brew world of Xhuul.  When we last played, the game ended with the group deciding that since some of the characters were low on hit points and spells, they were going to hole up in one of the rooms and rest.  I knew as a GM that it was a terrible idea, given that they had not cleared out the first level which was the home of a group of Kobolds.  I gave them hints that trying to set up a camp in an active monster lair would not be conducive to resting comfortably.  The group agreed and decided to exit the Emerald Spire and head into the ring of jungle that surrounded it and made a camp.  Malik the Fighter made a high Survival roll, so I determined they found a good spot that provided them with decent cover and a elevated spot so that the daily rain showers that lasted  3 or 4 hours would not flood them out.  The rest of the day and night passed uneventfully.

The next morning, the party re-entered the Emerald Spire.  The human cleric, Arkon cast several Light spells on everyone, in order to enable everyone to see in the dark.  There is a magical effect that suppresses any light source to a 5-foot radius, so it helps a little.  The party learned that they all had to stay within 5-feet of each other in order to "chain" the overlapping Light spells to get a line of sight of each other and anything they were next to.  Only, Brogan the dwarf Rogue wasn't affected because he has Darkvision.  Kord, the gnome sorceror cast his Mage Armor spell before they entered.  Arkon entered first and tripped a wire that caused a string of metal shards to ring out an alarm!  The Kobolds had set up this warning system to alert them of intruders after they discovered their slain comrades killed by the party the day before.  Immediately, they were attacked by 2 Kobolds firing arrows from another doorway to the east.  They were of course hidden in the darkness and beyond the range of the Light spells.  Another two Kobolds stealthily squeezed through a barricade that blocked off the south part of the room, that was to the rear of the party, and attacked Arkon, armed with spears.  Brogan set off a trap that dropped a vial of acid to the floor.  He nimbly avoided it, but some of the acid splashed and hit Malik.

The party made quick work dispatching 3 of the 4 Kobolds.  The remaining Kobold, retreated to the room where the party discovered the trap which would collapse a large section of rubble on top of anyone from the day before.  The party did not follow tise Kobold because they figured he was going to set off the trap if they did (they were right). The party decided to head to a set of double doors that Brogan lead them to using his darkvision.  They entered the guard room that Brogan discovered last time when he traversed the secret tunnel the day before.  This room was empty, except for a table and four chairs.  Just then, the Kobold who ran away from them emerged from the secret tunnel and took a shot at Arkon but missed.  The party killed the Kobold quickly as it was wounded from the earlier fight.  They searched the area and found nothing of value.  At this time they decided to go back and do another sweep of the rooms they had cleared earlier.  They found another acid vial trap that they did not trigger.  Brogan managed to disarm it and retrieved the acid flask.  Then they returned back to the room guard room.  There was a door to the south and a 5-foot wide hallway leading west which contained a door on the north wall of the hallway and a pair of double doors directly opposite on the south wall, with the hallway continuing west past the doors, leading to a larger chamber beyond.

The party investigated the door on the north wall in the hallway and discovered it was locked.  Brogan did not spot any traps and managed to pick the lock after two tries.  The door opened to a 15' by 15' store-room containing supplies and weapons.  Most of the weapons where of poor condition and made for a small-sized humanoid.   The supplies were contained in several boxes and crates and mostly held food-stuffs and general supplies, like rope, tools and trail rations.  They searched the room, but did not find anything of any great value.  They party determined if they could load the contents of the room in a cart or wagon, it might fetch 100gp back in Throxia.

Next, the party decided to check out the double-doors across the hallway.  Determining that the doors were not trapped, Brogan opened one of the doors, which opened into a 10' x 10' landing with a set of stairs curving downward and was immediately attacked by two Kobolds armed with spears.  Behind these two Kobolds were another two armed with bows, who fired arrows.  Brogan got hit several times to zero hit-points, staggered but standing.  Arkon cast an Obscuring Mist spell that helped level the playing field a little between them and the Kobolds, by impairing their vision.  This effectively impaired the Kobolds with the bows as they could not see beyond 5 feet in front of them due to the Obscuring Mist and since they were stuck behind the ones armed with spears, they really couldn't do anything else.  The party eventually killed the Kobolds and they investigated the stairs, but made the decision not to go down until they cleared the 1st Level.

They discovered that the circular wall to the left side of the stairs that spiralled downwards was made of a glowing translucent green stone that was different than the greenish stone that the rest of the structure they had been going through was made of.  They found a strange glyph carved into the stone above the landing.  It detected as magic and a read magic spell translated the marking as the number "One".  They made a copy of the glyph and proceeded into the large chamber at the end of the hall.

At this point we ended the game as we usually only play for 4 hours and it was our usual ending time.  At this point they have explored about half the structure, and they have earned enough XP to be about 2/3rds the way to Level2.  There are a couple of boss fights upcoming and now that the place has been alerted to the party's presence, they'll be brought into play sooner and in different locations than where they normally would be encountered.

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