Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pathfinder Xhuul: Game 6

Month of Savan, 1st to 6th, Year 752

Cast of characters
Kord Taan, Gnome Sorcerer, 2nd Level
Abazu Sorn, Human Cleric of Nethys, 2nd Level
Kaleb, Halfling Rogue, 2nd Level
Yaotl Necahral, Thraan Barbarian, 2nd Level
Acheron, Human Wizard/Fighter 1st/1st Level

When we played last time, the party had exited the dungeon and headed back to Throxia, spending several days to heal up their Strength damage and sell some items found in the dungeon.  They spent their down-time to identify some items they detected as magical.  They purchased some more healing potions and welcomed a new member to their party, the human wizard/fighter named Acheron.  Acheron was the person they found wrapped up in the webbing of the spider they killed inside the spiked pit trap.

The pary heads back to the Emerald Spire with no encounters along the way.  They make their way down to level 2.  Deciding to investigate the open secret doors they found last game, they discovered that they had been closed.  Kaleb easily found them again and it led to a large "T" shaped chamber.  Within the chamber was an over-sized wood throne, behind it were several tapestries hung from a rail set into the ceiling.  On the left-hand side of the "T" shaped room was a table with several objects laying upon it.  Before heading into the room, the party waited until Kaleb made a thorough sweep of the chamber for traps.  He found none.

The tapestries were of poor quality and depicted a faded forest hunting scenes.  They were probably worth something a long time ago, but time had taken it's toll on them.   Investigating the table the party found 4 longswords, a masterwork dagger, a buckler, a potion, a flask, a nice leather belt and four small belt pouches that contained several coins and a small emerald.

Searching the chamber for secret doors, Kaleb found one in the corner of the right side of the "T" shaped chamber.  Opening it, there was a 5' by 10' room with another secret door.  Opening this secret door revealed a large rectangular chamber covered in webs and egg sacs.  Thousands of tiny spiders crawled all over the place.  Apparently, sensing the presence of the party and a source of food, the spiders mass into a large swarm that attacks them.  There is a difficult fight as the spider swarm is not affected by weapon attacks.  Flaming oil and alchemists fire is used to help against the swarm.  Eventually, the swarm is defeated but once again, several of the party are suffering loss of strength from the spider venom.  It is decided that they should return to Throxia to heal up their wounds and the effects of the venom.

The belt they found in the room is discovered to be magical and they determine it is a Belt of Mighty Constitution (+2).  The party decide that the belt would be best utilized by Yaotl, but before he could gain any benefit from the magic of the belt, he would need a week to attune himself to the belt.  They decide to wait a week (which is 10 days on Xhuul) for the attunement to take effect.

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