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Xhuul Calendar

In trying to recall events in the game and the passage of time, I have found it necessary to create a campaign calendar to help me keep track of everything.  As the party has made several trips back and forth form the Emerald Spire dungeon to the City State of Throxia, it really helps to see what has happened on what day and keep things a bit organized.

The party has suffered from ability damage a lot since entering the second level of the dungeon.  As natural resting allows the recovery of 1 point of ability damage per day, or 2 per day if someone makes a DC 15 Heal check, and the person treated rests for a full 8 hours (or 4 per day for each day of complete rest).  So this needs to be tracked to see how much time passes in-game while those suffering from the effects are recovering.

I have not posted the play report for Game 6 yet, but they did find a magic item which needs a week to attune itself to one of the party members.  The players have expressed that they would wait out the time necessary before heading back to the Emerald Spire.  So this will be 10 days, as that is how long a week is in Xhuul.  I hope the players want to do some down-time activities, as I am working on other behind-the-scenes events in the city that can trigger side-quests, or maybe just some random city encounters or see if the players want to follow up any leads from some of their NPC contacts.

The Xhuulian Calendar.
There are twelve months that divide up the year on the world of Xhuul.  Each month is 30 days long that comprise of 3 weeks of 10 days each.  The current year is 752.

Months of the Year

Viros   (Spring)
Yarved (Spring)
Larys (Spring)

Gyugo (Summer)
Razul (Summer)
Savan (Summer)

Camoz (Fall)
Anan (Fall)
Dagos (Fall)

Fazin (Winter)
Mogho (Winter)
Voon (Winter)

Days of the Week (in order)

Rainday -- 1st, 11th, 21st days of the month
Mudday --  2nd, 12th, 22nd days of the month
Slimeday --  3rd, 13th, 23rd days of the month
Fogday -- 4th, 14th, 24th days of the month
Toadday -- 5th, 15th, 25th days of the month
Wormday -- 6th, 16th, 26th days of the month
Godsday  (Day of worship and sacrifices at most temples) -- 7th, 17th, 27th days of the month
Restday (Stores, markets closed.  Day of rest) -- 8th, 18th, 28th days of the month
Fishday -- 9th, 19th, 29th days of the month
Fireday -- 10th, 20th, 30th days of the month

Passage of time in the campaign so far:

Razul the 26th (Wormday):  The campaign started which was Game Session 1.  The party made their first sortie into the Emerald Spire, then exited and made a camp within the ring of jungle that surround the dungeon.  They camped over night in some ruins that provide shelter from a heavy rainfall.

Razul the 27th (Godsday): The party breaks camp and heads back into the Emerald Spire.  The events of Game Sessions 2 and 3 take place on this day.  Most of the party is killed, the sole survivor Kord makes his way back to Throxia to find help to continue his original quest.

Razul the 28th (Restday): The new group consisting of Kord, Abazu, Yaotl and Kaleb head out to the Emerald Spire.  Making their way through the jungle that surrounds the dungeon, they encounter a group of 3 Lizardmen who ambush them.  Party finds a sizable treasure and immediately head back to Throxia to cash in and rest up.  The events of Game Session 4 occur on this day.

Razul the 29th (Fishday): The party heads back to the Emerald Spire.  No encounters on the way.  Explore the entire 1st Level, find that the Kobolds have abandoned the place.  They make their way down to the 2nd level of the dungeon, fighting 2 Zombie Kobolds along the way.  Party reaches 2nd Level of experience.  Explore a small part of second level and Kaleb falls into pit trap with spider.  Big fight and spider is killed.  They find a human wrapped in the webs at bottom of pit.  Party heads back to Throxia to rest.  The events of Game Session 4 occur on this day.

Razul the 30th (Fireday): Party heads back to the Emerald Spire to continue their exploration of the second level.  The events of Game 5 take place on this day.

Savan the 1st through the 3rd:  Party is making a complete full days resting on the 1st and 2nd with the aid of Abazu making Heal checks to restore lost strength from the spider venom.  Game 6 session.

Savan the 4th (Fogday): Party make use of their downtime identifying magic items and buying gear and healing potions and selling some items found.  They head back to the Emerald Spire.  No encounters along the way.  They explore the large chamber beyond the secret doors which contains a wood throne, tapestries, a table with weapons, pouches and other items.  Find another set of secret doors that leads to a large room with webs and spider egg sacks and thousands of tiny spiders crawling all over room.  The spider swarm attacks.  Suffering from more poison damage, they return to Throxia.  Game 6 session.

Savan the 5th and 6th:  Party resting and recovering strength from poison damage.  Party decides to wait until Savan the 14th, when the Belt of Mighty Constitution +2 will attune to Yaotl.  End of Game 6 session.

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