Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dungeons Deep (Pathfinder Battles Minis)

I had a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card sitting around collecting dust since last Christmas.  I've been debating what I wanted to use it for.  So, last week I used it to purchase a brick of 8 Boosters of the new Pathfinder Battles pre-painted miniatures set called Dungeons Deep.  Each booster contains one Large mini and 3 Medium or Small minis.  I must say, I think this is one of the better sets with regards to the paint jobs. 

The interesting thing about this set is that it has dungeon dressing pieces, such as a flaming brazier or a treasure chest.  I got a Sarcophagus and a Treasure chest.

What is strange is that Wizkids, the company which manufactures the minis for Paizo is also making the minis line for D&D.  And the quality of the paint jobs of the D&D minis are sad compared to the Pathfinder minis.  I had picked up a booster of the D&D minis a while back and was disappointed by the paint jobs and some of the sculpts.

So, what minis did I get?

1 Yithian
1 Frost Giant
1 Terror Bird
1 Ochre Jelly (a see-through material with bones of some creature inside).  Awesome.
1 Daughter of Urgathoa
2 Dire Bats
1 Dire Boar
1 Giant Crawling Hand
1 Dracolisk
1 Eando Kline (must be an NPC from one of Paizo's Adventure Paths)
1 Deinonychus
1 Gnoll Warrior
1 Gnome Mad Prophet
1 Baykok
1 Sasquatch
1 Sarcophagus
1 Chupacabra
1 Mimic
1 Treasure Chest
2 Goblin Archers
1 Dwarf Barbarian
1 Mi-go
2 Giant Centipedes
1 Nuglub Gremlin
1 Balazar (Iconic Gnome Summoner)
1 Puckwudgie
2 Mining Beetles
1 Mouth Horror (Gibbering Mouther)

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