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Pathfinder Xhuul: Game 10

Savan 20th, Year 752

Kord Taan, Gnome Sorcerer, 3rd Level
Abazu Sorn, Human Cleric of Sahva, 3rd Level
Kaleb, Halfling Rogue, 3rd Level
Yaotl Necahral, Thraan Barbarian, 3rd Level
Acheron, Human Wizard/Fighter 2nd/1st Level

At the end of last game, the party returned to Throxia to rest up to regain their spells and heal up ability damage from being hit by poisoned crossbow bolts.  Kaleb visited his friend Dhullifol who was missing for a few days.  Kaleb managed to find him in a local halfling tavern and he was told that the rat population in the sewers had decreased dramatically.  This worries Dhullifol as he makes his living as a rat-catcher and he doesn't know what he is going to do to make a living.  He has been exploring the sewers, but hasn't found a cause.  Kaleb later sells his old armor for a new masterwork chain shirt.  Yaotl puts a down payment on a new masterwork greatsword.  The next day the party heads back to the Emerald Spire.

One their way to the dungeon, they are attacked by a group of bandits who try to ambush the party from atop several piles of rubble that is common throughout the ruins outside of Throxia.  The party took out these petty bandits fairly quickly.  The bandits had no treasure, but the party took their weapons and armor and buried them nearby in a small cache to retrieve later on their way back.

They headed back down the Level 3 and discovered that the men who occupied the area beyond the wall with the arrow-slits and reinforced door had taken precautions and fortified their base.  The area outside the door was covered in caltrops.  Acheron blew on his Horn of Fog to provide cover from any attacks by crossbow fire like last time.  This of course, announced their presence and muffled alarms could be heard in the distance.

Soon a male human voice called out from one of the arrow slits.  "Oh, so you have returned.  We are ready this time and you won't find it so easy to invade our home to kill and steal."

Kaleb asked "Has anyone ever got past the gate here?"

The voice replied. "Some such as yourselves have tried.  Some made it, others did not."

Kaleb followed up, "We are seeking two wizards, did any pass by this way?"

The voice replied, "I don't know, but if any did I doubt they will survive Klarkosh's wrath.  He dislikes wizards and he has tasked us to prevent anyone from going further into the Spire."

At this point the parlay broke down, and the party approached the door and tried to gain entry.  Oil was poured through the arrow slits from the men beyond and lit aflame, making it difficult to move close to the arrow slits.  Then loud metallic clangs were heard as metal shutters we closed and sealed the arrow slits.

Kaleb had trouble with picking the door's lock.  Several times his thieves tools broke and made the work more difficult.  Eventually he gave up in frustration.

 The party quickly assessed that they were not going to be able to get past the door and decided to get past the iron gate.  Yaotl used his strength to bend the bars enough to allow everyone to squeeze through.  Once through the gate, they began to be fired upon by crossbows from the men on the far side of the chamber.  The party descended the small stairway downward. 

After a long descent that the stairway turned and twisted, they reached the 4th level of the dungeon whereupon their senses were assaulted by a horrendous stench.  The stair ended in a small chamber where there was a lone troglodyte who greeted them and was quite friendly.  It spoke in Draconic which Kaleb and Kord understood.  He introduced himself as Slaagh.

Slaagh announces "Welcome to Godhome.  You wish to make sacrifice now, or visit?  Take holy grub maybe?"

Kaleb expresses interest in the holy grub. 

Slaagh shows them to another room down the passage leading out of the small chamber that they arrived.  The door leading out is a copper-colored metal door that glows with a greenish light.  In the chamber and in the passages and rooms beyond are strange torch-like devices set in the walls that glow a greenish light.  Acheron casts a Detect Magic spell, but the objects do not radiate magic. 

Slaagh leads them to a room where there is a hexagonal basin filled with a pinkish, pasty substance.  In the room a two other troglodytes in the room touching up some wall paintings.  They look at the party for a few moments then return to their wall paintings.  Slaagh points to the vat and announces "Food.  Have some, yes?"

Kaleb glances at the others who are reluctant.  Not wanting to offend their host, he reaches in and takes a handful of the substance and eats it.  It tastes horrible as it is raw ground meat.  Kaleb succeeds in not getting ill from swallowing down this meal.  Slaagh then dips his hand in the vat and takes a bite of the food as well.  "Tasty, yes?"  He offers some to the others who say they are not hungry.

"Make sacrifice now to Godbox?"  Slaagh asks.

"What is the sacrifice?" asks Kord.

"Give the Godbox some iron metal and it will bless you and send you on your way.  All good visitors make gifts of iron-metal to the god." Slaagh replies.

The party agrees, relieved that the sacrifice isn't a live being.  Slaagh then opens another closed copper-colored metal door that glows green that leads from the food chamber to the hall of the Godbox.

The door opens and inside is a large chamber dominated by a hexagonal metallic structure about ten feet wide and twenty feet tall that looms in the center of the chamber.  It emanates a greenish-white light.  All kinds of mundane gear, like lanterns and tools as well as dozens of weapons, pieces of armor and shields are stuck to the side of the silvery metal of the object.  To the north and south of the object are two large looming statues of troglodytes with arms raised.  Slaagh announces "Behold the god in the box, Skraa-orm thagh!"

Almost immediately, the party could feel that every metal object they wear was being pulled upon by an unseen force.  They cautiously did not enter the room, but began to take out various metal objects such as spare daggers, crowbars and sledgehammers that they felt they would not need and threw them into the room.  They objects flew through the air and attached to the sides of the Godbox.  A green glow burst forth.  Slaagh then announces "The sacrifice has been accepted.  You are free to go anytime you wish.  I can show you the way."

Slaagh leads them out of the chamber back the way they came and down another passage.  Up ahead they see the familiar green glow of the emerald spire column set in the south wall of the passage.  Kord examines the column and finds the sigil identified as "Four" on it.  He takes note of this.

Slaagh leads them to a room that has a tall troglodyte statue in the northwest corner of the room.  In the northeast corner, a section of the floor is cut away revealing a stairway that descends into darkness.  Slaagh bids them farewell and say that if they wish to return this way again, they will be welcomed as guests.

The party thanks Slaagh and descend the stairs which meets a winding ramplike passageway that descends down 100 feet over a half-mile walk, ending in a low ceiling room.  The familiar green glow of the emerald spire column takes up the northwest one corner of the room.  There is a broad stairway leading down on the northeast wall, into a dark passage from which the sound of lapping water can be heard.  A small closed door is on the south wall.  In the room is a blue-skinned, blue-haired humanoid clad in silvery mail armor.  Flanking him is a hideous, four-legged orange crab monster with a small, blue, winged creature sitting on it's back.

The blue-skinned humanoid immediately claims "Who are you?  What are you doing here?"

The party responds that they are just passing through and ask if he had seen the wizards they are looking for.

"I don't know these wizards you are asking about, but you are not welcome here.  You are interrupting my research and you must leave!"

Kaleb goes over to the small door and opens it.  It is a small room that appears to have been a storage room at some time in the past.  There looks to be the remains of long-rotted supplies.

"That is NOT the way out!"  the blue-skinned humanoid yells. "Go back the way you came!"

The party says that they cannot and that they must continue past.  "Then you are trespassing in my and my sister's home."  Suddenly, the orange crab creature leaps towards Acheron and attacks.  There is a pitched battle.  The crab monster wails on Acheron sending him unconscious and near death.  The small blue creature is killed (later identified as a Water Mephit) and the blue-skinned humanoid (later identified as an Undine) is killed by Kaleb who drives his rapier into that humanoid's eye socket as he removed a scroll from a scroll tube and tried to cast a spell from it.  Upon his death, the orange crab monster vanished.

The party searched the area and the dead undine and found a potion, a scroll with a spell on it, they took the silvery chain shirt off the undine, his dagger and light crossbow with 10 masterwok bolts.  They found and removed the Ring of Protection +1 it wore and some pearls and gold amounting to 221 gold pieces.  They found a journal on the undine that detailed research on the emerald spire and how it had properties on this level that influenced portals to the elemental plane of water.

At this point, they decided they needed to rest before continuing onwards.  So they took the undine's body up the stairs with them and took Acheron's unconscious body back up to the level where the troglodytes lived and rested for a day to regain their spells and heal up.

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