Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pathfinder Xhuul: Game 11

Savan 21, Year 752

Kord Taan, Gnome Sorcerer, 3rd Level
Abazu Sorn, Human Cleric of Sahva, 3rd Level
Kaleb, Halfling Rogue, 3rd Level
Yaotl Necahral, Thraan Barbarian, 3rd Level
Acheron, Human Wizard/Fighter 2nd/1st Level

After spending a day resting, healing and recovering spells back on the troglodyte level, the party heads back down to level 5.  Kord investigates the emerald spire column and find the sigil which translates as "Five" inscribed on it and makes a copy of it.

The passage on the east wall descends a few steps into a flooded passage filled with 2 feet of water.  They proceed down the passage heading east.  This puts the water level for Kaleb and Kord at about chest-height since they are small and it makes it slow travel for the party (difficult terrain).  The water is murky, but growing on the walls at the waterline are small bio-luminescent corals.  The light they give off is very dim, about that of a candle.

They see a flooded room to the south that reeks of shellfish and rotting garbage.  Yoatl is leading the party and can see a large pile of bones and other refuse in the southwest corner of the room which has hundreds of toad-sized crabs clambering all over it.  They approach the chamber and are attacked by a crab swarm.  Yaotl is attacked as he was closest and leading the group into the room.  The party quickly discovers that trying to attack the swarm of crabs with weapons is fruitless given their numbers and the fact they are underwater provides them cover from spells.   Kord tried to cast a Burning Hands spell on the crab swarm, but learned that since the area is flooded with water, his spell will be difficult to cast and requires concentration.  He fails his casting of the spell and loses it.  The party makes a tactical withdrawal back to the first room where they fought the undine summoner the day before.  Their intention is to lure the crab swarm out of the water into the room since it is not flooded.  This tactic works better for them, but it uses most of their spells and some flasks of alchemist fire to finally defeat the swarm.

The party decides to press on.  They go back into the room with the pile of bones and examine it.  A thorough search would require an hour and they decide against it and move on down the flooded passage.

The passage narrows heading east and a small passage on the south wall leads to another flooded chamber where the water is clearer.  A small passage heads east out of the chamber.  To the south is a wide passage and the sounds of waterfall.  The party enters the room where they are surprised by a water elemental that erupts and forms out of the water in the room and attacks.  They defeat the elemental and Yaotl investigates the sound of the waterfall.  He finds a low wall constructed by stones and debris about 2 feet high.  Water trickles over the wall like a waterfall into a large flooded chamber below that is lower than the area the party is in.  Yaotl almost slips due to the current near the wall, but he manages to recover his balance and rejoins the party.

Meanwhile the rest of the party is investigating the passage leading east out of the room.  It is a large flooded chamber with tables within and some items piled atop them. Acheron cast a spell to detect magic and detected an aura inside a chest on one of the tables on the far side of the room. Heading into the chamber to check out the items, a large water elemental appears out of the water and attacks the party.  This elemental almost kills Acheron with it's watery fists pummeling him and the rest of the party with cleaving attacks.  Abazu managed to grab Acheron and pull him out of the chamber in order to save his life.  The party finally manages to defeat the elemental, but it was a very pitched battle that nearly could have killed them all.

Kaleb checks out the chest and finds foodstuffs and a potion.  Kord examines the potion and discovers that it is a Water Breathing potion.

There is a shimmering effect centered on the north wall of the room.  Investigation discovers that it is a portal to the Elemental Plane of Water and that water is flowing into the room every few rounds.  It is only large enough for a small creature to enter it, but a medium creature could squeeze through it.  The party try to block the portal with one of the tables, but it is not a water-tight obstruction, so water still flows into the room.  They also discover two iron-grated hatches, one each in two different alcoves on the south wall.  Each hatch covers a shaft leading downwards about 10 feet before turning south.  These are flooded with water, but there are iron rungs set into the side of the shafts.

The party decides to head back up to the troglodyte level to rest.

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