Monday, August 10, 2015

Pathfinder Xhuul: Game 12

Savan 22, Year 752
Kord Taan, Gnome Sorcerer, 3rd Level
Abazu Sorn, Human Cleric of Sahva, 3rd Level
Kaleb, Halfling Rogue, 3rd Level

Acheron, Human Wizard/Fighter 2nd/1st Level

 Yaotl Necahral, Thraan Barbarian, 3rd Level  Dead

Resting another day on the troglodyte level, the party heads back down to Level 5.  They make their way back towards the room where they fought the large water elemental.  Before they do so, there was a passage heading east they did not go down.  Kaleb takes the lead, and since the two feet of water flooding the passage is murky, he could not see another flight of steps heading downwards, and almost slips down into the water.  He recovers and does not fall, but since this is deeper water and would require swimming from him, the party decides to head back to the room where they fought the large water elemental the day before.

The party approach the chamber and this begins the major battle of the session.  There was a chance that every four hours or so that either one or both of the other two Undine Summoners on this level would be in the chamber resting or sleeping.  As it turned out both were here.  One sleeping and the other awake with her Eidolon.  The sleeping Undine was named Dayana and the one that was awake was Senethar.

Senether spent the first two rounds casting buffs on her Eidolon (Mage Armor) and Haste so that both Undines and the Eidolon were hasted.  Dayana used her spell-like ability of Monster Summon III to summon a Giant Frog which she positioned to block Yaotl from getting closer to her of Senethar.  Senether kept the Eidolon in front of her since she benefits from an increased AC when it is within reach of her.

The Giant Frog managed to bite and grab onto Yaotl and the Eidolon closed in to attack him.  Yaotl was raging but he was getting clobbered by the hasted Eidolon.  Nobody attacked the Eidolon since they learned that if you kill the Summoner it belongs to, it will be banished back to it's home plane, so everyone concentrated their attacks on Senethar.

Yaotl managed to break free of the Giant Frogs grab and killed it with his battle axe.  Dayana then followed up with summoning an Electric Eel the next round.  Senethar cast a Ray of Sickening at Abazu, who made his save and did not suffer any ill effects.  Acheron was using his Hand of the Apprentice to make ranged attacks with his falcata against Senethar.

Yaotl was killed by the Eidolon, despite healing from Abazu from his Channel Positive Energy ability.  This enabled the Electric Eel to move to attack him, but Abazu was able to get a free attack since he had a reach weapon.  Dayana had cast Glitterdust, but both Kord and Kaleb made their saves and were unaffected. 

Kaleb moved to try and attack the eel with his shortsword, hoping to get a flank on it, but that did not pan out.  He did get shocked by the eel and was stunned for 4 rounds.  Someone else managed to finally kill the eel.

Senethar had cast Glitterdust in an area where Abazu and Acheron were positioned, but they made their saves as well.  Senethar was finally killed by a critical strike by Acheron throwing his falcata using his Hand of the Apprentice ability.  This made the Eidolon disappear.  Dayana screamed in fury and consumed a potion of Invisibility.  The next round, she summoned a Giant Crocodile which began to attack Acheron and managed to grab him in it's jaws.  She then moved behind him on the next round to cast Corrosive Touch, but he had broken out of the grab and she missed with the spell.  She was killed shortly thereafter.

The party scored some nice loot whinch included a potion of cure moderate wounds, a potion of invisibility, two +1 chain shirts, a +1 adamantine battle axe, gems, jewelry and gold and some other gear and another Spire Transport Token and a scroll with a rune on it that was similar to the other sigils they found on each level of the Emerald Spire.  This one was "Six".

The party wanted to head back to Throxia to rest and sell their loot and find a replacement for Yaotl.  Kord and Acheron made use of their Spire Transport tokens to teleport themselves and Abazu and Kaleb up to Level 1, thereby avoiding having to make their way past Level 3 on foot which had proven difficult for them because of the defenses and hostile humans there.

The party made it back to Throxia and the player of Yaotl made a new character, but we didn't have time to get her introduced to the party and we ended the session there.  They sold that +1 adamantine battle axe, which I think was a big mistake, because there is a definite use for it on the next level.  (i.e. overcoming damage reduction and ignoring hardness of objects).

This battle gained the party enough XP to level up to Level 4.

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