Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I haven't been doing much with the blog for a long time.  Most of my activity has been on G+, but mostly just reading and lurking other people's posts, and occasionally posting a comment.

My Pathfinder campaign was aborted last year in September.  Several players expressed it wasn't their kind of game and quit, which essentially killed the campaign since that only left us with a only 2 players.  This kind of hit me hard and destroyed my enthusiasm for game-mastering.  I had put in a lot of work for the campaign and things were going to get quite interesting with some NPCs they crossed paths with.  So I was very disappointed.  I have always had a love-hate thing for Pathfinder.  It's the closest thing to pre-4th Edition era D&D, but the rules crunch is something I don't desire too much.  It's a game I prefer as a player than as a DM.  That is why I have appreciated D&D 5th edition so much, it's not so rules-heavy.

I bowed out of a Pathfinder game I was playing in as it was around the same time my campaign folded and I didn't much feel like playing at that point.

I relegated myself to becoming a spectator of online streamed D&D games on, specifically channel.  The West Marches 5th Edition D&D game streamed there has been a joy to watch. 

In December 2015, I found a group to play a D&D 5th edition game online on Roll20.  The group had been playing a while and were playing in the Princes of the Apocalypse adventure.  It feels a little weird joining a group in mid-game with people I don't know and having little context of what has previously occurred in the game.  The game schedule has been irregular, so it's been hard to remember details of the previous sessions.  I have been looking for other games to play on Roll20, but haven't had much luck at finding one that matches the days I can play and time.

I have gone back to playing some computer games, such as Newerwinter and Star Wars: The Old Republic and binge-watching shows on Netflix.  I'm currently watching Person of Interest.

I have been mulling some ideas for a Numenera game and re-reading the core rulebook.  If I was ever to run a Numenera game, it probably would be on Roll20, as I don't know anyone locally who would be interested in the game.