Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I haven't been doing much with the blog for a long time.  Most of my activity has been on G+, but mostly just reading and lurking other people's posts, and occasionally posting a comment.

My Pathfinder campaign was aborted last year in September.  Several players expressed it wasn't their kind of game and quit, which essentially killed the campaign since that only left us with a only 2 players.  This kind of hit me hard and destroyed my enthusiasm for game-mastering.  I had put in a lot of work for the campaign and things were going to get quite interesting with some NPCs they crossed paths with.  So I was very disappointed.  I have always had a love-hate thing for Pathfinder.  It's the closest thing to pre-4th Edition era D&D, but the rules crunch is something I don't desire too much.  It's a game I prefer as a player than as a DM.  That is why I have appreciated D&D 5th edition so much, it's not so rules-heavy.

I bowed out of a Pathfinder game I was playing in as it was around the same time my campaign folded and I didn't much feel like playing at that point.

I relegated myself to becoming a spectator of online streamed D&D games on, specifically channel.  The West Marches 5th Edition D&D game streamed there has been a joy to watch. 

In December 2015, I found a group to play a D&D 5th edition game online on Roll20.  The group had been playing a while and were playing in the Princes of the Apocalypse adventure.  It feels a little weird joining a group in mid-game with people I don't know and having little context of what has previously occurred in the game.  The game schedule has been irregular, so it's been hard to remember details of the previous sessions.  I have been looking for other games to play on Roll20, but haven't had much luck at finding one that matches the days I can play and time.

I have gone back to playing some computer games, such as Newerwinter and Star Wars: The Old Republic and binge-watching shows on Netflix.  I'm currently watching Person of Interest.

I have been mulling some ideas for a Numenera game and re-reading the core rulebook.  If I was ever to run a Numenera game, it probably would be on Roll20, as I don't know anyone locally who would be interested in the game. 

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  1. I know how you feel - I was running my group through the G-D-Q series of AD&D modules that was highly tailored for them. I had invested a lot of time, energy, and money in the 10+ sessions we'd played. We were probably only three or four sessions from reaching the end of the campaign when my fiancee informed me that one of the three players had bitched behind my back how he and the other player were sick of the campaign and just wanted it to be over. That really ticked me off - but it also made me sad. Players don't seem to realize how much we game masters invest in trying to make sure these games are enjoyable for them.

    Haven't run a game since then. Of course, I have other reasons for not gaming (as I just posted about on my blog). Guess it must be that time of year for "why this blog appears to be abandoned" posts. :)